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Laser Therapy

Minimally-invasive treatment to precisely treat and handle many conditions while offering an improved recovery time.

Unique Benefits of Laser Therapy

By cauterizing incisions and offering far more precision, laser treatments offer set of unique benefits over more traditional dental procedures. Laser Therapy also eliminates the need for sutures, thus drastically the reducing recovery time of most procedures.

When Laser Therapy is Used


Gum disease is quite prevalent today, with over 40% of adults over the age of 30 having some form of periodontitis – that number jumping to over 60% for smokers.

While most cases are mild, many people have what is known to be severe periodontitis, and immediate treatment is recommended.

Laser Therapy can be very effective in treating severe gum disease and offers benefits over more traditional procedures and improved recovery times.


Laser Therapy can be swift and very effective as the precision laser can help eliminate infected tissue, while cauterizing the wound. Once the troubled area has been removed, recovery can be much faster than traditional procedures, as the area will not require stitches.

Some patients can fully recover from Laser Therapy in as little as 7 days.

Laser Therapy service
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