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Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve your smile today with veneers, Lumineers, bonding, shaping, contouring and even pinhole surgery.

About Our Cosmetic Services

Perfecting your smile can be a process, and it may include whitening treatments, contouring, bonding and even the use of dental veneers. Our services are designed to help improve your smile using the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry available today.

Improving Your Natural Smile


Dental bonding is the application of a dental resin directly to the tooth or teeth, which, after hardening, is then sculpted. To finish, the tooth is then polished until it has a great, new appearance.


For those with imperfect teeth, there is another procedure called contouring. This procedure involves the use of a special instrument that removes a bit of the surface of a tooth, which is then filled in and contoured. The result is a more aesthetic and pleasing look for the treated tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry service
The Smile and Company
Cosmetic Dentistry service
The Smile and Company


Veneers can take your smile to an entirely new level of brilliance. A new set of teeth are bonded to your existing teeth which effectively presents you with a brand new smile.

This procedure can dramatically improve your smile and many patients that get veneers absolutely love them.