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Digital Smile Design

DSD is a re-innovation of dentistry. Building a smile is like building a house. You should begin with the end in mind. An architect draws up the blueprint considering the design in relation to the terrain, and surrounding features. The engineers start their work to see what is possible. Costs are decided and only then is when the builders start work. With traditional dentistry the builders (the dentist) just start building. With this outdated smile design new teeth are designed and made without considering where they’re going, or who they are for. Because of this, this is why you see smiles with teeth of different sizes and shades, or the smile that just doesn’t look right. Today digital smile designs use the latest technology. Instead of only looking at the teeth, we look at the whole picture, not what you only see in the mirror, but how you talk, smile, and even laugh. Digital smile design starts with you for YOUR face. Better yet, we can show you so you can see what you look like before you start treatment. Can you imagine a healthy, natural , beautiful smile that looks like you? Get in touch with Smile and Co for your digital smile design consultation.

A Smile Transformation

What goes into a smile makeover at our dental clinic?


We understand what a life changing decision it is to choose a new way of living where you don’t have to constantly think about your teeth and how to hide them from the world.

Every step of our process is designed with your wellbeing and confidence in mind.


Behind every great smile makeover

You will find these essential features.

We are a DSD Clinic

DSD stands for Digital Smile Design and we are proud to have trained extensively in this discipline to earn this status.

There are many dental clinics that deliver smile makeovers but without the quality assurances of the Smile Makeover Standards you risk getting a smile that is poorly designed that can negatively affect your health, your time, your confidence and your money.

The Smile Makeover Standards are:

  1. Digitization
  2. 3D Facial Design
  3. Digital Treatment Planning
  4. Smile Test Drive
  5. Guided Treatment

Smile Makeover Treatments

Based on your unique needs and desires, your smile makeover could include any number of treatments.